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A unique boutique aesthetic and wellness space helping our patients discover a better way to age gracefully.


Welcome to Arawan Medspa + Wellness, a charming and unique transformative aesthetic and wellness boutique. We are here to provide you with an extraordinary experience and deliver remarkable results that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and confident.

Led by Sunshine de la Cruz, a registered nurse with over 20 years of experience in critical care units, our team is committed to ensuring your safety and well-being. Sunshine's expertise in sterile techniques guarantees the highest hygiene standards, creating a pristine environment that surpasses your expectations.

Drawing inspiration from her work in the burn intensive care unit, Sunshine has developed an unparalleled understanding of altered and compromised skin conditions. In 2021, she embarked on a groundbreaking journey as a transformational restorative, clinical, and cosmetic micropigmentationist. 

Her mission is to share the joy of happy patient experiences and empower individuals to rediscover their beauty and confidence through personalized self-care solutions like permanent makeup (PMU).

At Arawan, we provide access to our signature micropigmentation and scar camouflaging, skin rejuvenation treatments, and hair restoration services. Our wellness and weight loss program is being developed at this time. 

We are proud to support breast cancer survivors, gender affirmation patients, individuals who have alopecia, those with trichotillomania, and individuals seeking lip repair (cleft lip). Your unique needs and concerns are our top priority and dedication to helping you regain your self-assurance.

Sunshine's exceptional skills have gained recognition from high-profile leaders across diverse industries. Nurses, doctors, pharmacists, therapists, lawyers, real estate brokers, interior designers, and teachers have entrusted her with their aesthetic needs. Her multi-certified expertise in micropigmentation ensures that each client receives a personalized and transformative experience tailored to their specific desires.

Her permanent makeup clients inspired Sunshine to evolve into a medical spa. Arawan Medspa + Wellness, a medical spa, is the culmination of a dynamic partnership between Sunshine and her husband, Eric de la Cruz. 

As a former army surgeon, Eric brings knowledge and expertise to our practice. His trauma surgery experience and dedication to delivering outstanding results make him an invaluable team member. Together, as a power couple driven by their passion for aesthetics and wellness, they have created an awe-inspiring space for you to indulge in.

Located in the vibrant northern suburbs of Chicago, our unique boutique clinical space is your gateway to a world of beauty and rejuvenation. We are constantly expanding our range of valuable services, introducing innovative treatments that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Exciting updates and surprises are on the horizon, and we can't wait to share them with you.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey? Sign up for our email alerts, or contact us at to schedule a consultation. Let us show you how we can enhance your natural beauty, boost your confidence, and provide an unforgettable experience.

Invest in yourself. Discover the extraordinary at Arawan Medspa + Wellness.

With anticipation,
Eric de la Cruz and Sunshine de la Cruz




Tiffany Mei

Meet Tiffany Mei, a professional with roots in the vibrant city of Chicago and a current resident of the welcoming community of Hanover Park. With almost a decade dedicated to mastering the art of esthetics, Tiffany's journey has been one of continuous growth and passion for her craft.


While her achievements in esthetics are undoubtedly impressive, Tiffany is on the precipice of an exciting new milestone. Scheduled to graduate from nursing school in January 2024, she's poised to blend her dual passions for aesthetics and medical aesthetics. This unique combination showcases Tiffany's unwavering commitment to enhancing the well-being and confidence of her clients.


Tiffany consistently demonstrates her exceptional skills in her professional roles, delivering top-notch results and performing with adept precision. Her proficiency ensures she can adeptly and successfully carry out her responsibilities, leaving clients with outcomes that exceed their expectations.


Furthermore, Tiffany's ability to communicate is a powerful asset. She fluently speaks Cantonese, with intermediate proficiency in Mandarin and Spanish. This multilingual capability allows her to connect with clients more profoundly, fostering a sense of inclusion and understanding beyond language barriers.


Tiffany Mei's story is one of dedication and continuous improvement. Her impending nursing school graduation represents the next exciting chapter in her journey. Her dual passion for aesthetics and medical aesthetics underlines her commitment to enhancing her clients' well-being and confidence. 


With a demonstrated track record of adept performance and multilingual skills, Tiffany is more than just a professional – she's a dedicated and skilled partner in your journey to look and feel your best.



Jenny Sanchez

Jenny Sanchez is a highly skilled aesthetician with over seven years of experience and a specialization in addressing various skin types' unique and often challenging needs. Her extensive experience has allowed her to develop a profound understanding of the intricacies of skincare. Jenny's expertise shines in providing tailored solutions for clients who have faced complex skin concerns, offering them a renewed sense of confidence and well-being.


What truly sets Jenny apart is her unwavering commitment to patient education. She firmly believes that an informed client is an empowered one. Jenny goes beyond the conventional approach by dedicating time to engage with her clients, helping them comprehend the nuances of their skin. She doesn't merely perform treatments; she serves as a trusted guide, teaching clients about their skin's unique needs, the factors that impact its health, and how best to care for it.


Jenny's approach to client education is her belief that the key to achieving long-lasting results and improved confidence lies in developing a comprehensive home care regimen. She collaborates with her clients, noting their skin concerns and goals, to design effective and sustainable at-home routines. These regimens are about maintaining the results of her treatments and enhancing the overall health and appearance of the skin over time.


Moreover, Jenny extends her expertise to the field of permanent makeup. Her dedication to patient education continues with this specialized area of practice, where she educates clients about the art and science of permanent makeup. Jenny ensures that clients understand the techniques involved and the outcomes they can expect, providing them with the knowledge and confidence they need to make informed decisions about permanent makeup procedures.


Her holistic approach to challenging skin and patient education extends beyond the treatment room. It's not just about delivering aesthetic treatments; it's about empowering individuals to understand and take control of their skincare and permanent makeup journey. 


By fostering an open communication and knowledge-sharing environment, Jenny equips her clients with the tools and confidence they need to make informed decisions about their skincare and permanent makeup.


Jenny's comprehensive approach combines expertise, education, and empowerment to provide a unique and transformative skincare and permanent makeup experience. With Jenny Sanchez, clients can expect remarkable aesthetic enhancements and a newfound sense of empowerment and self-assuredness in their journey to beautiful, healthy skin and the world of permanent makeup.


Furthermore, Jenny's multilingual proficiency includes fluency in Spanish, which enhances her ability to connect with a diverse clientele, ensuring inclusivity and understanding in her practice.



Lilah Kalanzi

Lilah Kalanzi is an esteemed professional in the field of aesthetics, driven by a passionate mission to help her clients rediscover their inner radiance. With an unwavering dedication to the art of skincare, Lilah is committed to delivering exceptional services and imparting valuable knowledge to her clients, empowering them to enhance their skin health and confidence.


What brings Lilah profound joy is witnessing her clients' transformative journey as they unveil their skin's radiant potential, achieved through a carefully tailored blend of services and premium-quality medical grade ingredients. Her expertise extends beyond skin care, specializing in non-invasive sculpting techniques, where she offers transformative treatments, including body sculpting and other rejuvenating treatments for the skin throughout the body.


Lilah's dedication to her craft transcends her client interactions. She prioritizes her continued education, even with her extensive industry experience. Lilah is advancing her education to become the clinic's Master Hydrafacialist. Additionally, she has undergone a certification course to practice permanent makeup, extending her expertise to better serve her client's needs.


Staying attuned to the latest industry information and trends is a core principle of Lilah's practice. This dedication ensures that her clients receive the most current and practical solutions.


Beyond aesthetics, Lilah finds solace in the pages of books and enjoys the intellectual challenge of solving puzzles. Her passion for music knows no bounds, with a particular affinity for Taylor Swift's artistry. She's always eager to engage in conversations about music and explore various genres with clients.


One of Lilah's unique strengths is her proficiency in American Sign Language, which further enhances her ability to provide inclusive and effective communication, accommodating the diverse needs of her clients.


Lilah Kalanzi, born and raised in the United States, draws inspiration from her Ugandan heritage, blending her American upbringing, which adds depth to her cultural understanding and enriches her identity with cultural diversity. This fusion of cultures empowers her to connect with clients from various backgrounds, promoting inclusivity and understanding in her aesthetic practice.


With a professional focus on addressing the unique needs and concerns of diverse skin types, she is well-equipped to assist clients in achieving their skincare goals effectively and professionally.


For those in search of radiant skin and body rejuvenation, Lilah Kalanzi is ready to embark on this transformative journey with you. In her capable hands, each session is effective and thoroughly enjoyable. With Lilah, clients can unlock the path to glowing, confident, and revitalized skin. Together, you'll create a masterpiece of beauty and self-assurance.



Jason Nguyen

Meet Jason Nguyen, an esteemed beauty and skincare professional. He has a notable background in professional makeup artistry and a proven track record of excellence in the luxury skincare sector. 

Jason's expertise encompasses a wide range of specialized skincare services catering seamlessly to a diverse clientele seeking top-notch care.

His freelance makeup artistry, prominently displayed in over 70 weddings and featured twice in Vogue magazine, has been a testament to his unwavering commitment to providing tailored, high-quality artistry that resonates with each client's individuality and preferences.

Jason's tenure as a graphic designer at CreateMyTee before joining Arawan promotes his aesthetic skills in art and beauty that he seamlessly integrates into his role at Arawan.

With an extensive repertoire of skills encompassing various skin care techniques like chemical peels, microcurrent, microdermabrasion, and facial massage, Jason's certifications in microneedling, makeup artistry, laser hair removal, and lash extensions underscore his dedication to providing unparalleled comprehensive esthetic services. 

A pivotal and esteemed member of the Arawan family, Jason's enduring commitment lies in contributing his seasoned expertise and unwavering dedication to this distinguished establishment's ongoing success in the medical aesthetics industry. We are so lucky to have him on the Arawan team. 

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