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Please follow these instructions to improve and prolong the results of micropigmentation. Even when following these aftercare instructions, fading, blurring or poor retention may still happen depending on your skin and lifestyle. Everyone heals and accepts the pigment differently. How your body heals is out of our control. Healed results will vary between each individual client, based on their skin type, their skin condition, immune system, metabolism, overall health, and lifestyle. Our aftercare instructions are meant to help you achieve the best results and reduce the chances of getting an infection.

These instructions are not a guarantee that your results will last for any certain period of time, nor is it guaranteed problems will not arise.

These are the general instructions for the first 7-10 days or until the peeling, scabbing, flaking has resolved.

  • Do not let your freshly tattooed lips touch anything for the first 3 days.

  • Don’t touch your lips or pick at the scabs or skin that starts peeling off. This is part of the pigment settling process and the healing process.

  • Don’t get the lips soaking wet – no long hot showers, no swimming, no excessive sweating (this includes saunas and steam baths). Refrain from working out.

  • Don’t get toothpaste on your lips. Don’t get teeth whitening.

  • Don’t put any makeup or care products on the area besides the prescribed aftercare ointment.

  • Don’t eat spicy or very salty foods – they’ll sting.

  • Don’t drink anything too hot – it’ll trigger swelling.

  • Don’t drink alcohol – it will burn and dry out your lips further.

  • Don’t expose your lips to the sunlight. No tanning in the sun or in tanning beds for 3-4 weeks.

  • Don’t sleep on your face or don’t do any activities related to your lips.

  • Do not let hot (temperature wise), spicy, oily, and salty foods touch the lips during the first three days after the procedure. 

    • Using a straw may be helpful, but this is a personal preference. 

    • Keep the lips moistened with organic lip balm. 

  • Clean with gentle soap, water, and fingertips twice daily starting the evening after the procedure. After dab lips gently to dry. 

Samples of gentle soaps: Dial, Dove, Cetaphil Once dry, text a clear and well-lit picture to Arawan Artistry at 847-421-7400 for evaluation. You are giving your permission to communicate via texting when you send a text message.


If you notice any unusual symptoms or extreme irritation throughout your lip blushing healing process, contact your artist. You may be having an allergic reaction, or an infection.

Here is a general timeline for lip blush healing.


Your freshly tattooed lips are swollen, tender, and the color is quite intense. 

You need to start your lip blush aftercare routine as soon as half an hour or so after the treatment. The skin starts oozing lymph and you need to blot it off frequently to prevent a thick scab from forming.

Blot the area with a cotton pad dampened with sterile water every 30 minutes, or as often as your artist advises. Apply a thin layer of the aftercare ointment prescribed by your artist.

Refrain from eating for a few hours. Drink through a straw.

If you experience intense swelling, an ice pack may help. If you experience any pain, check with your artist if you can take an Ibuprofen.

DAYS 2-10

If you have painful blisters on your lips around day 2-3, please see a medical provider, and then call US immediately so we can help monitor and track your healing closely. CALL FIRST 847-421-7400 

The swelling should subside by day 3, and your lips will start peeling. 

The peeling will last for about 7 days, and once the scabby film falls off, the lip tattoo aftercare is over. For most people, it’s day 10 after the procedure, but if they’re still peeling at this point, keep it up until it stops.

Clean your lips after every meal and at least once a day – with a mild alcohol-free soap and cool water. Do not rub and be very gentle. Dry the lips by tapping them with a cotton pad or a clean towel.

Apply the prescribed ointment after every cleaning, and whenever you feel your lips are getting tight and dry. Keeping them covered with a layer of aftercare cream prevents heavy scabbing, and protects the area from external contamination.

It’s also a good idea to put on SPF whenever you’re outdoors, as sunlight can speed up pigment fading.


The skin recovery causes unpleasant sensations of dryness, tightness, and itching, all of which can be relieved if you moisturize the lips.

Apart from this, if you don’t clean the area properly and regularly and let lymph, dirt and dead skin cells build up, you risk developing an infection or irritation.

Do your best to stick to the lip tint tattoo aftercare routine to stay healthy, get maximum pigment retention, and make the whole experience more comfortable.

Extra Note: If you’ve ever had cold sores or herpes on your lips, you will need to take an antiviral medication a few days before and after the procedure. The tattooing can cause a cold sore flare-up, which can affect the results.

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